Wednesday, January 5, 2011

past. present. obsession. dream.

Make up. I love it. It can turn someone into average to extraordinary. it show your mood - from sexy vixen to sultry temptress. You can do it all with make up. Though some may think makeup is child's play, you can really express yourself through this art form - yes, i say art form. The face being your canvas and the brushes, colors and pigments are your tools.

Being a make up artist would be ranked top three in the career paths i want to pursue but it doesn't seem have attainable. It's so hard to become one of the great make up artists. You really have to be connected. Hey, but a girl can dream (:

Hopefully, with the certain people i've been talking with recently, i find out if i truly want to pursue that dream field fantasy, and bring that fantasy to reality.

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