Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chris GotRocks

On March 29th. 2011, history will be made celebrating history! Canadian Hip Hop History woth some of the biggest names in Canadian Rap music assembled on one stage, one night only.

CBC - Hip Hop Summit Concert

What It Take’s

I was inspired to produce this historical concert because I am Hip Hop and believe it’s time for people to understand the profundity of this Canadian life style and celebrate the depth of musical history we have. The motivation came from the T Dot Pioneers exhibit that ran from March-April 2010 at the Toronto Free Gallery. It became the resonance of my love and passion for this genre of music and culture.

I wanted to somehow convey the History of Canadian Hip Hop through performances displaying content from the early 80’s onward, that helped shaped what Hip Hop is today in Canada. This would create awareness for Hip Hop as a Canadian art form that really needs to be respected on the same level as any other genre of music out there.

This concert is also an outreach to a large demographic that we haven’t fully connected with and once we (CBC) do, that particular audience can connect with the brand awareness of CBC and understand that CBC is theirs and unites all.

Though things may look as if we’re coasting, it wasn’t as easy as it may have seemed to be. Right from the get-go I was challenged but yet was very determined to make something happen and it has taken almost two years for it to get to this point. I had to make a proposal displaying this idea to CBC, and from there make it all happen. Going through change after change, finding an angle for the “wow” factor, pitching the idea to artists, agents and managers, slowly getting them booked, getting into arguments with artists as well as colleagues, who are all going above and beyond. Not to mention just the general organization of it all. It was a ton of work and is definitely not a 9-5 job but in the end, it’s all worth it. The rewards are going to be historical.

It’s impossible to portray everything to everybody but this Concert and Summit is a big deal for Hip Hop in Canada. The Country’s national broadcaster is putting all of its resources together to make this Summit happen and present it to a national audience, showcasing a history and culture that is distinctively Canadian. A 100% authentic and raw is exactly what I wanted and it’s exactly what is happening.

With that all in the works, I’ve already finished planning next year’s follow up. Stay tuned for all the things that will be taking place subsequent to this.

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