Monday, March 7, 2011

Get to know me...

I always knew I wanted to go into the media sector. With my eye for fashion, my touch for flare, and my ear for gossip, it was a perfect fit. I come from a family of business minded people—my father being a vice president of Risk Management and Wealth at TD, and my mother being the E-Mar manager for Medisystems for Shoppers Drug mart. My parents always encouraged my education. They wanted me to pursue the business world, I wanted to be a famous make-up artist, public relations seemed a natural compromise. PR allowed me to pursue what I wanted while staying true to my upbringing and family values.

I have always used the right side of my brain-the artistic side. Especially when it comes to music. In grade four I learned to play the viola. Since then I have taught myself to play piano and guitar. As well, I have always been a singer. I love to sing. When I’m on stage I feel like I can bare my soul and though yes, it’s daunting it’s also invigorating. Music and art as a whole really breaks boundaries in a conformist type world.

I love music’s ability to change my mood, trigger a memory or just make me think. I can connect almost any memory, good, bad or indifferent, to a song. I can hear a certain song and instantly be taken back to a moment with my family or a good friend. Music is one way I stay connected to the people who mean the world to me—and I make a conscious effort to stay connected to the people in my life as much as possible, because who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Although my parents never particularly encouraged music as my career pursuit, they did always encourage me to do what I feel is right. There was a point where I was settled perfectly in-between PR and music. What tipped the scale in PR’s favour were my sociability and my love for fashion and style.

I am going into a career where professionalism is important and first impressions are key. I am always conscious of how I look and how others may perceive me. I have found a passion for clothing and style has really inspired me to individualize myself in the midst of a crowd. If you asked me to pinpoint what my style was, I couldn’t give a decisive answer. My style may change depending upon where I am going or what I am doing. I like to fuse different looks, for example I may intermingle feminine sophistication with a hint of edge. I feel as though once someone brands himself or herself with just one style, they limit themselves and their imagination. I always want to look polished and put together anywhere I go. This is important to me because I know it will be important to any future clients. I learned quickly that the first impression is always the last.

Style is one factor that is taken into consideration what I think why I would be paving my own way to a successful future. I say it how it is – I’m a take charge, outspoken, go-getter attitude with a killer instinct. I push myself to the limit to create a result that will create the ‘wow’ factor. The mash up of these qualities makes me feel like I stand out in a crowd rather then blend into the background.

My astrological sign: a Leo is said to be a great leader, with ambition and grace. All characteristics I believe I posses. I have worked in the customer service industry for about five years now and realize how crucial it is to work from the ground up. I know when to lead and to follow, when to speak up and when to listen. I have the heart of a Leo and I am centered like a cancer. I very much believe in astrological signs and what they symbolize. They categorize particular months with traits and personality. I feel like I embodied a true Leo.

I am not a religious gal, to say the least. If I had to pinpoint exactly what I was, I would probably be atheist. What I do believe in though, is Karma. For the past while, this has been what I’ve been living by. Every decision you make, people you disregard or wrongdoing you make, you will have to live with. I’m not perfect, by any means but I do try not to bring any negativity into my world. Bringing positive energy into this world by my simple day-to-day routine. If everyone helped each other out, for example holding the door open for someone or helping someone across the street it will breed not just good karma but positive energy for the person that helped you. You could call it, paying it forward.

I also see myself as a caring person. I become very dedicated to each and everything I do and try and do anything to the best of my abilities. My passion for various things, and my want to help others when in distress or need I feel will make me stand out in a crowd. In this day and age, it’s a dog eat dog world, everyone to themselves. Though I do have a tough skin, I know when to let the right people in my life and bring down the tough exterior to show the real me.

I am a complicated, charismatic, over thinker and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure exactly who I am but so far, with each day: the challenges, struggles and unbelievably grateful moments, I’m liking what I see and as Emily Dickinson once said, ‘Dwell in Possibility.’

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