Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I want adventure. I want uncharted.

hmm. It's the most recent tattoo I've wanted. It's everything I want all in one.

You see, I feel as though I've lived my entire life in a pretty little bubble. Getting what i needed, when i needed it and always knowing that if anything ever happened - there was always plan b (my parents). Though, people may stereotype me: by what i have/the clothes i wear.. well then, they don't know me. Only close friends. People I allow in, really know me.

Though, that stereotype is exactly what i'm trying to stray away from. I've always tried to push myself away from the clean cut image. the bubble. the safe.

I want adventure.

I want todo things i've always wanted to do but was always too scared of. I want to go places that i've never seen, eat things i usually wouldn't and instead of thinking about it, just do it. I want my heart to guide me, not my brain.

I want uncharted.

I want to have these adventures and not think so much. just do. I want to find my own way without people showing me where to go. I want to throw all my plans in the air and go where life will take me.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am greatly and utterly eternally greatful for what my parents have done for me. But i'm way way too comfortable. i don't like that. i want to be out of my element and pop the bubble i'm in.

I want adventure. I want uncharted.

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